Vivo Y73 Powerful Rounded Frame With 8GB Ram


The Vivo Y73 is a great cell phone for those who love texting and calling on the go. This is one smart phone that comes with a lot of nice features. You can even get free VOIP minutes on your account. And the best part is, you don’t have to use a credit card or a checking account to buy this phone.

Vivo Y73 has an amazing camera on it. It comes equipped with an Ultra HD Plus camera that’s four times faster than the average smartphone. To add to that, the phone comes equipped with a high definition camera and other special features like a super night mode, a rapid firing video and picture shot and a self-timer. In short, this smartphone is a great phone. vivo y73

But if you’re looking for a phone that’s not only attractive and eye catching, but also fun, then you should really consider buying the Vivo Y73. This is the ultimate cell phone for anyone who loves to use their smartphone. For those who are interested in playing games, the phone also comes equipped with a powerful gaming system, called the Funtouch gaming platform. The device also comes equipped with a memory card, which contains space for more than two hundred songs. Users can expand this memory up to 1GB using a microSD card.

Users can also enjoy extra features such as text, image and share functions when they take advantage of the Funtouch interface. With the Vivo Y73, you get the most out of Android technology. It runs on the very latest version of Kit Kat 4.4.4. Users get access to high resolution and fluid touch screen technology that is smooth and responsive. It has been loaded with Google Now, so it makes it easy to access all the information that you want, when you need them most.

For those that use their smartphones heavily, the Vivo Y73 comes equipped with a high definition front camera and a dual tone multi-color capacitive screen for vivid color experience. It has a built-in memory card reader, so you don’t have to purchase an additional one, and it has an efficient 2.5D screen that makes watching videos a pleasurable experience. The multimedia rich gadget also comes complete with a large and vibrant 8 GB RAM, a fast 2 mega pixels rear camera, a large high definition screen, a memory card slot, a standard headphone port, and a micro USB port for charging.

If you want a high quality and powerful smartphone that will give you plenty of things to do, then the Vivo Y73 is perfect for you. It has a robust design that is loaded with features that will amaze you, and has been loaded with the latest version of Android operating system, namely the Mediatek Helio G95. With a Android OS that is packed with tons of useful features, you should have no problem finding plenty of things to do on this powerful smartphone.

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